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Unternehmenszentrale Vonovia
Press Release

Strong Demand for Vonovia‘s Bond Issuance

Bochum, 31 March, 2020 – Vonovia SE successfully placed two unsecured bonds with an aggregate volume of €1bn today. The senior unsecured notes have a maturity of 4 and 10 years, respectively. Demand came from more than 300 investors for a total volume of approx. €3bn. “Liquidity is more important than ever, and capital investors are more careful and selective about their investment decisions these days,” commented Helene von Roeder, CFO of Vonovia. “We are excited about this strong sign of faith in the stability of our business model from long-term investors.”

The new bonds have an average coupon of 1.9%, and Vonovia’s average interest rate will remain at 1.5% as a result of this issuance. The proceeds will be used for the scheduled repayment of a portfolio loan in Q2 2020 and for general corporate purposes. With its liquidity position further strengthened, Vonovia has all of its financial maturities covered until December 2020 and is ideally positioned in the current environment and also after the Corona pandemic to continue to meet the housing market challenges of insufficient supply of affordable housing, climate protection and demographic change.

2020 Financial Calendar
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