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Unternehmenszentrale Vonovia
Press Release

Half of Vonovia’s Shareholders Have Opted for a Scrip Dividend

Bochum, May 14, 2021 – For the consecutive fifth year, the shareholders of Vonovia SE ("Vonovia") were able to choose between receiving dividends in cash or in the form of new shares. Within the subscription period, about half of shareholders, totaling 49.18% of all dividend-bearing shares, have now opted for distribution in the form of new company shares.

This means that about € 470 million will remain within the company, and 9,370,028 new shares will be issued. Once Vonovia’s shares have been entered in the Commercial Register, their total number will have grown to 575,257,327 (a capital increase of 1.65%). The dividend for the last financial year is € 1.69 per share.

Due to the continuous increase in the operating result (“Group FFO”) since Vonovia’s IPO and owing to the Group’s stable dividend policy of around 70% of Group FFO, there has also been a year-on-year rise in dividends every year. As the payout ratio is planned to remain unchanged, Vonovia is confident that an increasing Group FFO will lead to growing dividends in the future as well.

Helene von Roeder, Chief Financial Officer at Vonovia, says: “Our shareholders have been experiencing Vonovia as a healthy and extremely robust company, and this positive development has confirmed their perception, even during the current pandemic. In return, shareholders are giving us the trust that is so important for the further development of our company.”

The new shares are expected to be credited to our shareholders’ accounts on 21 May 2021, and the cash dividends and any fractional amounts are expected to be paid out on 19 May 2021.

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Nina Henckel
Head of Corporate Media