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Unternehmenszentrale Vonovia
Press Release

Serial makeover: Vonovia launches Energiesprong pilot project in Bochum

  • Carbon-neutral makeover of three residential buildings in Bochum
  • Significant reduction in power consumption means imple-mentation has no impact on energy bills
  • Prefabricated panels reduce cost, time and labour during refurbishment
  • Sustainable climate protection initiative

Bochum, 18 October 2021 - In Bochum, Vonovia SE (Vonovia) is rolling out its first energy renovation project under the Energiesprong principle. The new method, which has mainly been used in the Netherlands so far, allows the fast, efficient and climate-neutral makeover of residential buildings. First, each building is given a 3D scan, allowing the accurate prefabrication of façade panels to the nearest millimetre. Next, suitable solar panels are made, making the best possible use of the available roof space. All that remains to be done on site is the actual assembly.

Pilot project with an action plan for climate-neutral buildings

The Energiesprong pilot project in central Bochum covers three residen-tial buildings with 24 flats and 1,164 square metres of residential space. The buildings date back to the 1950s, and the aim of the renovation project is climate neutrality This includes installing a ventilation system with heat recovery and new radiators. Another important element is the complete replacement of all the façades and the installation of solar panels. Once the makeover has been completed, each house will gener-ate enough green energy to provide heat, hot water and electricity for the residents’ households. As the entire energy is 100% renewable, carbon emissions will be reduced to zero.

To create the panels, each of the buildings was surveyed in August 2021. The actual retrofitting is due to start in October and should be finished by Christmas 2021.

Major climate protection potential

“Climate protection is the greatest challenge of our time. With our climate path, we have set out on the road to a climate-neutral building stock. Our goals have been clearly specified until 2045,” says Konstantina Kanel-lopoulos, Chief Representative of Vonovia. “To ensure fast and efficient coverage of all our properties, we need to serially retrofit our buildings. Using prefabricating building components reduces cost, time and labour at each of the local sites and is therefore far more pleasant for our tenants,” says Kanellopoulos. The experience gained from the pilot pro-ject will serve as a basis for further refurbishments throughout Germa-ny.

Retrofitting reduced to a few weeks

Thanks to the Energiesprong principle, retrofitting has been reduced from a few months to a few weeks, while keeping costs to a minimum. More-over, despite a high level of energy quality and superior indoor comfort, the cost of living is not set to rise for the tenants, depending on individual consumer behaviour.

Vonovia is undertaking this project in Bochum in partnership with the Fischbach Group, which is based in the region and has had many years of experience in façade insulation. The first pilot project is being funded by the EU through its Interreg NWE “Mustbe0” programme. In Germany, Energiesprong is coordinated by Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Further financial support is provided by the Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies (GdW).

Jana Kaminski