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Unternehmenszentrale Vonovia
Press Release

Vonovia Broadens Sustainable Financing Options

  • Sustainable financing now also available under the new EU standards, including the social dimension
  • Philip Grosse, CFO at Vonovia: “This is a great addition to our financing strategy and the logical next step in our sustainability strategy.”

Bochum, 21 February 2022 – The new financing programme adds further substance to the requirements of future green financing options, while following the European standard for sustainable buildings, as defined in the EU taxonomy. The funds from future green loans will be used in Germany, Austria and Sweden for investments in energy-efficient buildings and in the energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings. Philip Grosse, CFO at Vonovia, explains that the new programme is extremely important as “a great addition to our financing strategy and the logical next step in our sustainability strategy.”
In addition to the green component, the new programme also comprises the financing of social projects. It includes housing set aside for holders of state subsidy entitlements and thus low-income households. But it also includes privately financed flats in Berlin as a way of facilitating access to affordable housing for low and middle-income groups, with rental fees that are at least 15% below the officially determined average local reference rent. The funds from future social bonds will also be used for low-barrier housing, which will be modernized to cater more effectively for the needs of an ageing society.
ISS ESG has issued a second party opinion (SPO) on the new financing programme. Furthermore, an assessment has been carried out to ensure that the use of funds complies with the criteria specified and defined in the EU taxonomy for sustainable buildings. The results of the assessment show that the identified activities meet the technical screening criteria, the Do Not Significant Harm (DNSH) criteria and the minimum social standards as set out in the EU Delegated Act on Climate Change. In this way, Vonovia is systematically implementing its sustainability strategy.

The Sustainable Finance Framework is available on the Vonovia website:

2022 Financial Calendar:

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29 April 2022: Annual General Meeting
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3 August 2022: Interim Statement for the First Half of 2022
4 November 2022: Interim Statement for the First Nine Months of 2022

Silke Hoock
Sustainability New Construction(Serial-Modular), Renewable Energy, Skilled Workers Abroad